Paste the clipboard content to a new unique note

A feature that I used a LOT when working with evernote is the possibility to setup a global shortcut, in other words, a shortcut that works outside the program it self, and when i copied something that i want to keep i just copy the content and type CTRL + ALT + V (in windows this is the shorcut i selected) and without open the program it takes the content of the clipboard create a new note and save it there.

Maybe there’s a plugin for that or something but until this moment i didn’t find anything.

Thanks for your time guys and have an excellent week :slight_smile:

Use case or problem

Copy some content (image, text, html, whatever) and with a combinations of keys the content is pasted to a new unique note in a dump location or something like this

Proposed solution

Enable obsidian to watch the key combinations at all times
Enable obsidian to create a new note silently with the content of the clipboard

Current workaround (optional)

  • Copy something
  • Open obsidian
  • Open a new note
  • click in note content
  • paste the content
  • close obsidian

I don’t think Obsidian will be doing stuff while closed anytime soon, but because Obsidian notes are just plain text files, you can use any app or combination of apps that do what you describe and save to a Markdown file. On Mac and iOS you could use Shortcuts (if you search around here someone may have posted something close to what you want).

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There is URL scheme that can be used to implement global clipboard based actions. For example this documents how Drafts uses Obsidian’s URL scheme, Using Obsidian with Drafts - Integration Guides - Drafts Community

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