Paste images with flags

Since in my usecase of putting images in the notes, most images are screenshots of my phone, the resolution of the images is too big and it can’t be seen in its entirety from the note, so i’ve been using image flags to resize them (+ another snippet), so the format of the images is ![[imageName.png|+flag]].
The problem here is that everytime i put a new image in the note (and i use very much this feature) i have to manually put the flag inside the brackets. I am looking for a way to automatically put this “|+flag” every time i paste a new image, but i have no idea on how i could do this.

You could use the Templater plugin within Obsidian and then bind it to a hotkey. This should work:

![[<% tp.system.clipboard() %>|+flag]]
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This is a great idea i didn’t now this could be done, however the images i copy are not on the system.clipboard since i don’t copy paste them by their name, what i do is left-click on an image outside of obsidian (for example on my desktop), copy, and then paste on obsidian

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