Paste image rename new features: batch renaming and handle all attachments

Hi guys, I just released Obsidian paste image rename 1.4.0, here are the new features I want to share with you.

Batch renaming

New in 1.3.0

You can use the command “Batch rename embeded files in the current file”
to rename images and other attachments (even notes) in the current file.

The image above demonstrates how to rename all the foo-1.png, foo-2.png… png files
to bar-1-png, bar-2.png… with this feature.

You can also rename the images to the same name, and let the plugin handle
the name deduplication for you. See a video demonstration here:

Handle all attachments

New in 1.4.0

Paste image rename is not just a plugin for pasted images, it has the potential
to handle all attachments that are added to the vault, no matter whether they are pasted or dragged.

To use this feature, you need to enable the “Handle all attachments” option in settings.

Additionally, you can configure the “Exclude extension pattern” to ignore files
that matches the given extension pattern.

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Hi, I am having a problem with the name replacement; when I enter the date format, there is no change in the name. It just uses that as a string:

There is something wrong.