Paste and preserve rich text in Obsidian

Similar to this post, I would like to request a feature to paste rich text into Obsidian.

I would like to use Obsidian to manage snippets of code as part of my notes but in a case where I may wish to save something from a webpage e.g. from Stack Overflow, I lose all richness when I copy-paste into Obsidian. A code snippets manager like Quiver can successfully receive the pasted full rich text


What you’re asking for is essentially a conversion of the rich text into markdown when it’s pasted.
I’m not clear whether Quiver does that since it’s based on cells of many formats, only one of which is markdown.

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Yes, Quiver indeed also cannot carry over the rich formatting when the format of the cell is “Code” or “Markdown” but it can do so when the format of the cell is “Text”

You’ll probably need to use one of the markdown chrome extensions. One is by and the other is Roam Highlighter. They’ll install into most Chromium based browsers.

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I might be a little confused as to what the difference between this and the linked request is. Aren’t both of them requesting to paste rich text as markdown into obsidian?

One seems to be from the web, one from other apps. A solution to one won’t necessarily work for the other.

Web can be done via the extensions, the other has to have an intermediary converter.

I think it would be quite a complicated function for Obsidian to incorporate into copy and paste itself, but Licat is a wizard, so who knows.

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Copying\drag and drop from HTML will result in markdown conversion starting from 0.10.1

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