Pass obsidian locale to mermaid

I ask for help mermaid (in particular the Gantt chart)
By default, it displays the days of the week in English - I want it to be in Russian :blush:
I found out that the locale is set through the moment.js library
I even found out what construct can be switched to the Russian locale:
moment.lang (‘ru’);
I just don’t understand where to insert it … :crazy_face:

have you tried changing the language of obsidian?

Yes I tried it

is your OS in Russian or English?

OS - Russian and Osidian - Russian.

Unfortunately, mermaid brings its own moment.js which is bundled inside, and we do not have access to their copy of moment to change the locale.

The docs on their site seems to just be a copy from mermaid’s official site that states how to change the locale, but since Mermaid is bundling their copy of moment without exposing publicly, we don’t have access to it.

Might need to file an issue and hope the mermaid team gets around to expose that, or allow using an external mement.js which we’re using anyway.

Thank you for your detailed answer