Pass an array containing all tags to tp.system.suggester

Things I have tried


I need some help with Templater. I am trying to create a function of the form “tp.system.suggester” to suggest me a tag (or tags) from a list of all the tags in my vault.

What I’m trying to do

What I want is to be able to choose one (or more) tags from the list of all tags so that I can put them in a template to create new notes—so that the new notes are created with all the tags that I choose to include, thus, saving me the time of typing them one by one.

I have tried several methods of extracting the tags from the vault and parsing them to a form that is understood by “tp.system.suggester”, but my knowledge of JavaScript is very limited, so I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

The closest I was able to get in terms of getting the list of all the tags in the vault was with Object.entries(app.metadataCache.getTags()), but even this list is incomplete.

Thanks in advance.

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