Pass a variable to templater


I have created some relatively complex templates (using Templater) that include user input via tp.system. prompt and tp.system.suggester, but I’d like to automate some of this.

My use case is like this:

  • I am on a page called “Project X”
  • I want to create a new page called “Note 1” which will have a metadata field like “project: Project X”

Is there a way to pass the “Project X” (page title) to the new note, without needing user input in Temaplater?

I know that I can use Obsidian Advanced URI to create a new note and write data to that note, but (as far as I’ve been able to work out) it is an kind of all or nothing. If I try to use the URI to add the metadata, then I can’t quite see how to execute the Templater stuff.

Has anyone managed something like this?


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