Partner with Taio for mobile Obsidian app?

I have been recently impressed by Taio, a young text editor on iOS, due to its fast-pace features release speed, embedded macro editor, and ease of use.
Should Obsidian dev collaborate with Taio devs to kickstart a mobile Obsidian app, instead of starting from scratch?

A couple of references:


I have been looking at Taio to use in conjunction with Obsidian. I have been a long-time Bear user and while I love the app, I’ve grown frustrated with the lack of development. I have played around with Obsidian and really like it for my needs, but I need a solid mobile app to make the switch. Am definitely interested in hearing from others who are using Taio and Obsidian together.

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It’s unlinkely to happen

I’ve been on 1writer for some time, but after a day with Taio I can see a LOT of upsides… In addition to the macro editor you’ve mentioned I am also appreciating a host of other benefits:

  • handles front matter well in preview mode
  • line view makes organization easy
  • ‘beautify’ is a nice way of cleaning things up
  • export functions abound
  • deals with files and previews in tabs, which I quite like

There is a lot to love here.