Partially fill checkboxes based on % of child checkboxes completed

Hey all,

While I’m in love with Obsidian, I’m really impressed with the design work that the people behind Thunk Notes are doing. One thing I love and think it would be super valuable to recreate is their attempts to represent partially completed tasks, showcased in this tweet.

It seems like this would be easy to actually calculate by summing the instances of “[x]” in the child rows, and divide that by the sum of “[x]” + “[ ]”.

My main question is whether anyone knows if it’s possible for someone to build a plugin to represent this within a markdown document. It seems like standard markdown wouldn’t work. Maybe you could code it to show as custom CSS, but how would you make that togglable based on whether there are child rows?

Anyway, just some surface level thinking from someone who knows very little about programming. I think this would be incredible to use, especially within Daily Notes & project plans.