Partial aliases with placeholders to show inflections of words in unlinked mentions?

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to know whether it’s possible to create aliases with placeholders at the end so my unlinked mentions show me inflections of words.

Example: aliases: arrive**
will also show me “arrives” and “arrived”

(There are many more inflections in German depending on the sentence subject and temporal tense. I would also need this to find composite words, i.e. “place**” for “placeholder” and “placecard” — this does not make much sense in English, but in German many mentions/notes will get “lost” if I don’t adjust the aliases grammatically).

Things I have tried

Workaround: I use the search to find words that contain parts of my term and then copy them as individual aliases. In German, this can be upwards of 5 or 6 aliases for a single verb or adjective (including case sensitivity). This does not seem scalable.

Ex.: “begreifen” (=understand) will need at least the six aliases begreife, begreifst, begreift, begriff, begriffen, begriffst, etc.

The documentation on aliases and search syntax do not seem to cover this case?

Maybe this is a simple syntax issue? Thank you for any tips!

Sorry for double posting – I am just wondering whether this is a trivial issue? Am I maybe not aware of a plugin for this?

A less trivial example than verbs would be adjectives used in literature notes.

I have a note on „history“ or „historiography“ and I need to find unlinked mentions of these terms in my literature notes (that include some longer passages copied from articles for quoting).

A truncated alias „histor**“ would list all of them instead of having to type out a list of aliases (and trying not to forget a term):

historians … etc.

… otherwise I would have to ignore the „unmentioned links“ altogether and only use the search function?

Again, I would be very grateful for ideas as I am really excited about Obsidian’s potential for emergent insight, but this is putting quite a damper on things…

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