Parsing error in Templater need help fixing

Things I have tried

I am having trouble getting templater to insert my templates. I have looked online to see if I could find an answer and saw some things about looking at the Console for help, but I am very new to all of this and don’t even know what I am looking for or how to fix it. It says “Log.ts:17 Templater Error: Template parsing error, aborting.
Invalid or unexpected token” Please help.

What I’m trying to do

I am continuing to search and see if I can find an answer

Can you provide the file you’re using as the template? That is likely where the parse error is coming from.

The one I have is called main.js. It doesn’t let me attach it here. Is there another way to send it to you? In my settings it says 1.9.9

@Saorsa Please copy and paste the Template file contents you are using with Templater. You must have written some code snippet. That is the source of the error.

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What @Obsidandnancy said. If you can copy/paste the content of the file, that should suffice. No need to upload it.

Either way, the content of the script/code is what’s causing the error.

Ok. Now I get what files you meant. I was confused at first because none of my templates were working. But after realizing that it was something in my files and not the add in, I was able to get it figured out. I had created a JS script folder and was trying to follow the example for setting up a script I found online and it was that script that was causing the problem. Thank you so much for your patience with a newbie and your help getting this figured out!

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