Parenthesis (and more) will block #Hashtag parsing

What I’m trying to do

The editor currently does not provide any special handling for hashtags inside parenthesis. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common use case, as evidenced by multiple bug reports having been posted - but pushed to the graveyard because it is “by design”:

For instance, I could make a sentence on some core concepts and then list hashtags at the end (#CommonUsage, #Hashtags101, #DesperateForNormalLookingText). But in the current parsing routines for Hashtags, the #CommonUsage tag will not be parsed.

I suspect there may be a few other punctuation marks that would be good to handle in the parsing routine as well, e.g. ~ or ". Also some formatting marks would be helpful - like #HashTag should be valid.

Things I have tried

The easiest work around is to add a space after the parenthesis, but this is not proper english grammar. I’ve not found any other workaround to date.

Thank you again!

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