Parent backlink in children note? and vice versa(?)

What I’m trying to do

im new to obsidian and am using it to study for my pharmacology exam. i’ve found it useful so far but im just trying to link all my concepts together because the enzymes and other minute details are messing me up. the only way i can think of doing this is through backlinks. is there a way i can automatically put all backlinks of the current note into the markdown?

just in case im not explaining myself well, here’s an example:

in my [[fever]] notes, i will put one of my treatment options as [[tylenol]]

in another note that’s for [[knee pain]], the treatment options will be [[tylenol]] as well

when i go on to create the [[tylenol]], how do i make [[fever]] and [[knee pain]] automatically appear in the markdown? basically all of its backlinks?

also, if i created a new note [[generalised pain]] and i used ![[knee pain]] for it, how do i get [[generalised pain]] to also appear inside [[tylenol]] since it is inside [[knee pain]], which is now inside [[generalised pain]]

Things I have tried

LIST from file.inlinks and file.outlinks



Does this work for you?

FROM ([[#]]) OR outgoing([[#]])

OMG YES. thank you!!!

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Do you need for them to be actually included in your note? If not, there is an automatically updated side panel which lists all the linked mentions of the current page, and it can also provide a search for all unlinked mentions of the current page as well. Have you seen this?

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just one thing - is there a way to make this dataview also show the words in the same line?

for example if

in [[generalised pain]]'s treatment i put [[tylenol]] 500mg with 250mg ibuprofen


in [[knee pain]]'s treatment i put [[tylenol]] 500mg with potential corticosteroid

is there a way to make it appear in [[tylenol]]'s note that in [[generalised pain]], so and so was written and likewise for [[knee pain]]?

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Not as far as I know, although my knowledge of Dataview is pretty basic.

Hope someone else can help. :crossed_fingers:

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