Parameter to open today's note for the open action in URL Scheme

I would like to be able to add a link to today’s note with the new URL scheme to a recurrent task in my todo app. While there are some workarounds for Mac using Alfred (e.g. Open Today's Note from anywhere on macOS with Keyboard Maestro or Alfred) and the like, other apps are more “static” and one would need to, e.g. in the todo app use case, modify the URI every day so the right note is opened.

I don’t have a preference on what the parameter could be named, but here are a couple of ideas:

  • daily=true
  • today=true
  • date=today

The last one would be useful if eventually other dates can be opened through NLP.

An idea of how it would look like, following the current format:

Here’s another alternative which uses a suggestion mentioned in discord for referencing the plugins in the URI:


Came here to request this. Hacky workarounds currently form a string in your today note format, launch Obsidian, and then trigger the Open URL scheme, which is pretty fragile and requires 3rd party scripting or tooling.


I just wanted to mention that I added this to the nldates plugin:

New in v0.4.0: It’s now possible to use the Obsidian URI to open daily notes using natural language by using the nldates action obsidian://nldates?day=<date here>. Don’t forget to encode space characters appropriately.


Favorite due to its flexibility to open other dates as well:



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It would also be awesome to add support relative dates like yesterday, next week etc. Like this:


This kind of feature would be really nice! I’m using an iOS shortcut to open my current daily note, but it fails if the daily note does not exist yet.

I believe this should be solved if you have Periodic Notes, Advanced URI or Nldates:

Oh, great! Just gave the Advanced URI plugin a try and it works perfectly!

Would still be nice to get this functionality without an additional plugin in the future. I’m using periodic notes, so I’ve added a feature request here.

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I’m a bit late to the party :sweat_smile: but my plugin Actions URI has several x-callback-url endpoints to deal with daily notes:

  • get today’s daily note
  • get most recent daily note
  • get list of existing daily notes
  • create
  • append/ prepend (front matter aware!)

etc. : /daily-note | Actions URI


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