PARA+GTD Obsidian setup help

Hi y’all! :slight_smile:

I’ve attempted to recreate a PARA + GTD setup as found in this medium article. Unfortunately, the queries he provides do not seem to work for me.

Things I have tried

I have the Tasks and the Dataview plugins. In addition, I’ve setup Tasks plugin and also made sure I have the Tags plugin enabled.

The only difference between my setup and his is the names of my PARA folders. I’m considering each part of PARA as a map of content and therefore append “MOC” to the end of it. In addition, I’m prefixing the folders with a number as makes sense for PARA.

This makes my final notes:

1 Projects MOC
2 Areas MOC
3 Resources MOC
4 Archives MOC

All of this being said, I think I have updated the query he has provided correctly. I believe that the only thing I need to do is update the outgoing file from “Projects” to “1 Projects MOC”. This is what I’ve come up with:

let projects = dv.pages('outgoing([[1 Projects MOC]])')  
let rows = projects.flatMap(  
page => page.file.tasks  
.filter(t => !t.completed && t.text.includes('#next'))  
.map(task => [, task.text.replace('#next', '')]  
dv.table(['Project', 'Next'], rows)

After attempting to run this (ctrl+e), I get the following error:

Dataview: Error: 
-- PARSING FAILED --------------------------------------------------

> 1 | let projects = dv.pages('outgoing([[1 Projects MOC]])')  
    | ^
  2 | let rows = projects.flatMap(  
  3 | page => page.file.tasks  



So I am thinking I should put “TABLE” at the beginning of the query. However, if I do that, I get the following error:

Dataview: Error: 
-- PARSING FAILED --------------------------------------------------

  1 | TABLE
> 2 | let projects = dv.pages('outgoing([[1 Projects MOC]])')  
    |     ^
  3 | let rows = projects.flatMap(  
  4 | page => page.file.tasks  

Expected one of the following: 

'*' or '/' or '%', '+' or '-', ',', '>=' or '<=' or '!=' or '=' or '>' or '<', 'and' or 'or', /AS/i, /FROM/i, EOF, FLATTEN <value> [AS <name>], GROUP BY <value> [AS <name>], LIMIT <value>, SORT field [ASC/DESC], WHERE <expression>

Not sure where to go from here. I hope I’m being clear. Please help

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to have all 4 queries he has but can’t even get past the first one. I’d like some help troubleshooting the aforementioned errors.

You need to use:





I had to make sure that spaces were correct and that each command was on its own line.

Once I did that and updated to dataviewjs, it worked! Thanks!

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