Paper Tests to Obsidian to Anki Flashcards

Convert paper tests to Obsidian to Anki Flahcards

What’s the most expeditious way to get paper copy tests (questions and answers) into Obsidian and then convert to Anki Flashcards for study?

Would it just be scan, OCR, format into Markdown and use an Anki plugin?

I am wondering If you really need to have Obsidian in between.
There are a lot of other solutions which allow to create cards/decks programmically.
Example: GitHub - lervag/apy: CLI script for interacting with local Anki collection
On this page all the other alternatives are listed, too.

But to give you an answer :slight_smile: I’d say that OCR is required in the very first place. Cannot imagine another way to bring the text into the computer.


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Good point - I’ll be using an Obsidian vault as a knowledge base in general about a topic (Japanese Iaido sword) as well as to study for ranking tests. So, my use is broader than flashcards alone. I’ll check out that option, though - thanks!

I see. When your final state is an Obsidian vault which you want to use in any case to maintain your anki cards, then this feels right.

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