Panes resize slightly when clicking the divider


  • Obsidian 0.13.0 (also existed in 0.11.x->0.12.x)
  • macOS 11.2.3->12.0.1

Bug Description

When 2 or more panes are visible, left-clicking on one of the vertical dividers will cause it to jump a few pixels either to the left or right.


  1. Open 2 or more editor panes.
  2. Left-click on the vertical divider.
  3. Release the mouse button.
  4. The pane will “jump” a few px from where it was.
  5. This also happens if you drag the pane, when you release the mouse button, the divider will jump a few more px.


n.b. video was recorded with 0.11.13 but the behavior has not changed with 0.13

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