Pandoc path can not find

l am trying to use pandoc to export file between different formats. l installed pandoc plugin directly from the obsidian community plugins. But it showed the below image:

According the guide in pandoc ,l type Get-Command pandoc in powershell, but it seems pandoc is not recognised.

Maybe one bug with pandoc, l uninstalled the pandoc in obsidian, and downloaded it directly from github, still in vain.

l use windows11. Does someone has the experience to fix it?

You have to install Pandoc as well:

Could that be it?

Thanks! lt works. The obsidian seems can recognise the pandoc path.
but l still can not export the md to other format.
l put the pandoc binary file into obsidian-pandoc plugin directory, like below:

l fill the Pandoc path as below:

but the command pandoc is still not found. Whether l need extra setting?

You seem to be conflating Pandoc and the Pandoc plugin. You don’t need the latter when using Enhancing export. Also, you don’t have to specify the Pandoc path.

l also use Enhancing export. Yet, After l config the page, the Export progress keeps,without output.

The progress bar keeps as below.

l don’t know where is wrong with. lt’s a little frustrated. Maybe l should learn the knowledge about pandoc carefully.

That’s not how you install Pandoc. Didn’t you use the MSI installer you can get from @ariehen 's link?

Also, I recommend sticking to Enhancing export to avoid the bugs associated with the Pandoc plugin, which hasn’t received an update in years.

Yesterday l just used the zip from @ariehen 's link, now l use the MSI installer .l can find the path from powershell. Thanks!
But when l use the Enhancing export, it also fails. The progress bar keeps.
specifically, only when l fill the Extra agrument it fails to export. Does the export setting below has something wrong? Although l can export without the agrument, but the bibliography loses.

pandoc "D:/" --citeproc --csl "D:/" --bibliography "D:/" -o "D:/"
  1. Is a valid folder name?
  2. Try that command from the console to see if it works that way or not
  3. Check the console for errors when Enhancing export becomes stuck

Thanks for constant help!

  1. is valid. l change the folder name to ‘note’. The result is the same.
  2. the command is below
  3. the error in console is below
    l don’t know what’s the resource path. Pandoc is installed by default on system C
    . My vault is D:/note.

Are you sure the file paths are correct for the CSL file? Also, you have a mix of slash types. Try using backslashes rather than forward slashes. If that doesn’t work, try using a = between the arguments and their associated paths.

Use the same command l can convert format in cmd now, although obsidian still can not export using pandoc. So now, l just use command line, lt’s simple. Thanks.

That’s great! What was the issue, exactly?

l think the failure of pdf with references is that l don’t install pdflatex. But docx.file l don’t know exactly. Maybe l will find with time goes.

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