Pandoc export to docx produces square brackets around headings

What I’m trying to do

use pandoc to convert to docx

Things I have tried

Converted ok but I m getting faint square brackets around headings. I cannot select them or get rid of them.
Any ideas?

Might be due to this issue: Wiki-links not removed when exporting from markdown · Issue #71 · OliverBalfour/obsidian-pandoc · GitHub basically the difference between obsidan markdown and pandoc markdown for wikilinks.

Thank you for the reply. The square brackets are appearing where a header exists rather than a wikilink. IE where there is one or more "# " in the md.

of course! Those # characters are in every version of markdown so ypou would think they would convert correctly. Maybe this is a bug in pandoc?

Microsoft’s docx files don’t use html or markdown or any textual format but their own internal binary representation. So maybe pandoc doesn’t do this conversion quite right? I’ve just tried an experiment. I created a blank word docx file with just the words “some text” in it. But when i did a hex dump of the resulting document it was full of binary stuff and eventually the characters “some text”. Maybe pandoc doesn’t quite get the conversion right to generate this complex file format in some cases?

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