Pandoc .docx export with inline dataview

I have numerous inline dataview in a draft markdown note. Exporting it in PDF is perfect. But whitle I try exporting it to word document, the inline dataview placeholder can’t seem to print out its respective yaml frontmatter value.

Anyone knows how to resolve this? Thanks!

I imagine this has not been implemented on the Dataview end, but I wouldn’t have expected PDF export to work either. Are you generating the PDF export via pandoc as well? Is this via the Obsidian Pandoc community plugin?

nah, I just used obsidian’s own “export to PDF” and it’s perfect.

I think maybe this doesn’t have to bother dataview.

Obsidian’s own “export to PDF” take from the .markdown-preview-view and the @media print section of css styling. So technically, if the export take the html from .markdown-preview-view, instead of the original markdown file, and convert that to docx then it should work?

How are you converting to Word in these cases?

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