Paid backup service

Use case or problem

I would like to make sure my files are backed up in a way that doesn’t interfere with sync (I’m a paying sync user)

Proposed solution

Either included as part of sync or as an additional paid service, create snapshots or other forms of backup. I’m not sure of the absolute best way to manage this, but I’m not looking for any invention, just a way to capture a snapshot incase a machine crashes in some strange way or I do something stupid. E.g. a weekly snapshot (store 3) or something like that. Or even a manual “create snapshot.”

Current workaround (optional)

I made a copy of the vault files in a onedrive folder. That’s ok, but I’m hoping Obsidian survives and you guys need revenue, right?

Related feature requests (optional)

Try the Obsidian Git plugin and a free GitHub account. Works great, has saved me countless times.

Thanks! I’ll try that.

The Git method didn’t pass my 10 minute setup test, which means there is likely more fussing required. I would rather pay something, click two buttons and be assured the backups are safe. (just being honest)

Obsidian does have the File Recovery core plugin enabled by default (Settings > File Recovery), which isn’t a full backup system but at least partly addresses your examples.

Also Sync has some version history which again isn’t a full backup system but can help.

Besides that I just rely on the normal backups of my computer. If you don’t have those yet, here are a couple of links:


Thanks – good point about doing a full backup.

I’ve included in my Weekly Review a task that consists in creating a backup of my vault. I create a 7z without compression and send it directly to my OneDrive folder, so I know it’s safe just in case.