Paid add-on service not activated


It is now over 16 hours since i sent 48USD thru PayPal, to Obsidian admin for the sync subscription.
I have not received the service nor have I received any confirmation of order (I know the money is transferred.

Things I have tried

  • I have emailed the support two times without getting a reply.
    The first email was as per request to notify admin about the purchase, the other was to complain that I have not received the service after 12 hours.

This post is an attempt to reach the support team, since my emails go unanswered.

I do realise that the Obsidian team might be overloaded and stressed on support resources. But if that is the case, it would be nice to get an heads up to how long one can expect such orders to be processed. Close to 24 hours, seems unacceptable in this day and age.

Anyone else have similar issues?

Hope someone in the team sees this and sort things out.

Have you enabled the Sync plugin and logged in in the app?

Hi arxitekt, thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry about the frustration.

PayPal requests are manually processed, and you can expect a response within two business days.

Thank you for taking an interest. Yes, have an account and ligger in. But good question. I see from Leahs response, that I need to be more patient, so will give some more time😀

Added for your account, sorry about the delay.

Being quite busy recently, we try to clear the emails every 24 hours, but some people might be stuck between the last time we clear it and the next time, making the wait close to 24 hours. Sorry about that!


Ok, thank you for clarifying that. Will try more patience😉

Thank you very much, I can confirm is ok now. Appreciate the quick response when picked up in the forum☺️

Glad it worked out! Enjoy Sync. :purple_heart:

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