PageUp/PageDown skip a row if font size is small enough

The amount the page scrolls when uping PageUp/PageDown is not consistent:

  • when using Live Preview, there is even a line that’s completely skipped and is never visible
  • when using Reading mode, about 15% of the previous page is kept.

At least these two should be consistent, but ideally the amount of context to keep from the previous page should be configurable. (I’d prefer zero context personally)

I don’t consider the rest bugs.
If you have an example of this happening in the sandbox vault, post a screen recording and attach the file that is causing this.

Below is not a screen recording, but two images, on right before and one right after pressing PgDown on the top pane. Note this seems to happen only with two panes on top of each other. Also, with smaller font sizes it’s more obvious. In the images below, the bottom half of the ‘9’ line and the top half of the ‘0’ line are never shown.

ok, thanks.

will be fixed in v0.15.0

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