Pages for Obsedian Tags

What I’m trying to do

Create a knowledge graph of Questions & their underlying concept. This is how it looks:

As seen in the above graph, Some of the nodes in blue are questions. The nodes in peach are tags. Nodes in grey are orphan references. They will turn blue when I create a page for them (eg: ‘K-Heap’).

Now, I desire to create a different colour schema for questions and concepts. This I have realised I can do by creating tags. The limitation on tags is that I cant have a page that talks about what the concept is and I also cant link a tag to another tag.

Is there a way wherein I can create pages for tags and link it to other sub-tags?

My requirement is to have a hierarchy of connections such that each question links to a concept which in turn links to a sub concept. Each of the entities (question, concept, sub concept) should be identified via different colours and filtering.

How do I achieve this?

I think tags might add complexity here that you don’t need yet.

What happens if instead of tags, everything was a link to page? Tags would be pages. Sub tags would be pages. Questions would be pages. Answers would be pages.

Maybe use tags to indicate #question, #concept, and even #sub-concept.

Then everything has the page it needs, and you can use tags to color nodes on the graph.

@austin That you for the solution, that works for me - ingenious & simple!

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