Page preview – preview blocks

Use case or problem

The problem is that when I create a link to a block and I preview it by hovering over it and pressing cmd, I get a preview of the whole page instead of the specific block. This would be useful if you do not want to embed the block, but still want to view the block in a preview to mitigate the split attention effect in cognitive load theory. My specific use case is in excalidraw: sometimes, I like to link an element to an element in another drawing. The problem is that when I preview it using hover + cmd, I get a preview of the whole drawing instead of a preview of the specific element I referenced.

Proposed solution

When you preview a block reference, the page preview should be zoomed in on the block I referenced.

Current workaround (optional)

I do not have a current workaround except having to click on the page to see the exact element I referenced, which wastes time and increases working memory load.


Isn’t this a feature of the Hover Editor plugin?

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Thank you. I didn’t read the extension clearly.

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