Page preview on hover not working in graph view

Hi! I‘m excited to taking advantage of the graph after using obsidian for long, but hovering over a node and holding CMD does not give me the preview window.
So I keep on zoom in and zoom out of the graph view and try to trigger the preview, but only one out of 20 times a pop-up window shows up.
I have everything in the core plugin Page review checked, and every other view is working as intended.
I’m in a large vault with 70+ plugins including Hovering Editor which I thought was causing the bug at first. But canceling or uninstalling it does not help.
I then created an empty vault with no plugins and only three files connecting to each other, but the problem persists. The preview shows up for a few times in a million tries and still not coming up the next time. Really frustrating. Any help?

Update: obsidian is 1.1.9, mac is ventura 13.1 and everything is supposed to be up to date.
just tried the same things on the same large vault with a lot of plugins and an empty vault on iPad, still no preview window. It seems that hovering+CMD works well on other links, just not on nodes.
In all I don’t think it has something to do with community plugins or files

Use the Bug Report Template, don’t just delete the template and post your wall of text.
The “bug” you are referring to is not occurring on a windows machine. I don’t know about Mac, but you can easily check that yourself.

Check it for yourself by opening the Command Palette (Cmd+P), type open help & then open the Sandbox Vault. If the “bug” still occurs you can be sure, that there is no interference by a Plugin.

Solved. I figure that one must press CMD first before moving cursor to the node for the preview to pop up, not the other way around. This is very different from how it works on links. It’d be good if these details can get specified in settings.

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