Page numbers and TOC in PDF export

Hello! My request for features might not be all that useful for most people’s workflows, but it would be a life-saver in my case, as I’ve grown used to some of the features in Typora’s export functions.

The gist of it is the implementation of a tickbox in the ‘export to PDF’ option, much like the ‘Include file name as title’ option, that would number each page in your exported file, making it ideal for printing.

Likewise, a similar option could be added to include a TOC at the start of a document, much like the ‘Include file name as title’. If both were selected, the first element of an exported document would be the filename, followed by a TOC, followed by the rest of the document’s contents. Another option, though I’m already digressing, could include line numbers for each paragraph.

I’m sure that these options could be further customised upon, but just a barebones implementation of these could help out in workflows that rely on printing finished documents.

Archived for not searching.