Page linking no longer auto completing

Steps to reproduce

This morning (post 11.7 updates). When linking to a [[page or note]] the autocomplete pops up but selecting the page from the drop-down list does not complete. This means I then have to complete the whole page title.

Expected result

to part type a linked page, press the required autocomplete title - populate the page with the [[full page linked title]]

Actual result

However, clicking the autocomplete drop-down title does not get added to the page I am working in. Instead whatever I typed inside the [[]] is all that is displayed eg. Page title [[this is a test]]. I type [[this is]] auto-complete pops up [[This is a test]] I select this option. However, only [[this is]] appears.


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:

Windows 10, Obsidian 0.11.7

Additional information

I have disabled plugins and my css but the problem still prevails. I will of course remove this request if I manage to figure it out in the meantime

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give me on this matter

have a lovely day



Ok I can repro.
Enter to autocomplete still works.


will be fixed in 0.11.8

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brilliant!!! thank you, and like a dumb ass I did everything except the obvious to press enter thank you so much for the super quick response. Yep enter works.

you can also scroll with the arrow keys. it’s generally faster than using the mouse.

Thank you old habits but this little glitch is a good reason to break that old habit and get into keys more