Page linking in other vaults

In the future, there should be a feature to that allows us to connect to notes from different vaults.

If possible, I’d imagine that take some re-calibrating of some kind, if possible at all. Something like …

  • Extending the page link feature to other vaults, maybe by some keyword other than # and | , which may require …
  • An ability of your current vault to know where the other ones are (maybe by some link feature, and as I write this, a new idea popped up…)
  • An ability to choose which of your vaults can be connected so that you can enable the distant page linking.

And to solve the issue of how it can be opened, that issue is already addressed, in a way with the opening by default app feature, but another way is by an Obsidian pop-up window. (with an option in that pop-up to open the vault where that note resides)

This is not an urgent problem imo (I’m looking forward to those other features on that kanban board), but I think it’d be neat to just track your files if you’re working across different vaults and maybe you want to address one of your notes loosely without having to merely make a new note. Its really the tracking within a vault I’m interested in, because the tracking of one note would be difficult using the traditional markdown linking []() if something like its name or its location changes.


I would definitely LOVE that, because sometimes you are writing something here that is related to something in the other vault. I feel this feature would be very useful.

As a newbie, my first question in the list I made of over dozen questions was “is it possible to link between vaults”- so thank you for answer by implying here that it is not. I was beginning to assume it wasn’t possible to link from one page in a vault to another and that was a feature by design. For me, at the very begging of the obsidian learning curve, the inability to link between vaults saves me from adding yet another way in the “how to structure my organization.” Thanks for resolving this for me!