Page jump while editing notes with block embeds targeting the same page

I found page jump/jitter while editing.

Steps to reproduce

It happened while there is a reference block of same page.
Below is a testing document. I used it in a clean vault without any plugin and theme installed.


isn’t it?  am I the key to 
Am I just unlucky one? 
Or what happened ?
hi you should come and see , did you see it?
OK, I can test it , and see if something is jump up and down
hope we can see something wrong here
Still not yet happened, but it will definitely happen.
HI, please jump and down soon , otherwise i can't wait.
hi bug bug please come out 

joe video note ^457032

Expected result

Page shouldn’t jump.

Actual result

You can check this video.


  • Operating system: Mac
  • Obsidian version : 0.15.9

Additional information

You can check this video.

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Thanks. I am not sure how much can be done about this.

Yeh, but it’s quite annoying, especially when you want to type something. :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the exact same problem, and I’m using Windows 10. When there are several embeds the jumping gets really bad.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you use some plugins related to the live-preview rendering? such as the query-control plugin.

I think this jumping is caused by rendering the updated content. I’m not sure if it still happens when the preview mode is turned off.

If it is caused by the preview mode, maybe a configuration can be provided to the user to define on pressing which key, the preview is refreshed.

For example, when the Enter key is pressed, the preview is updated and re-rendered once.

Currently, it seems that there is a timer to trigger the preview to update and re-rendered.