Page create failure - from list of links

I created two links in a pane and followed the first one. Upon inserting [[]] in the new pane, a list of links appeared. I choose the second of the two links by scrolling to it, hitting return.

Result: Renée Watson

Noting the lack of double [[]] plus the string. Not sure if that is a good clue or not.

Obsidian 0.9.4 Debian 10

PS: If I manually create the link, cmd/ctrl select creates the pane/page

Hi @pdurusau, could you please add a screenshot of the note showing what you mean?

Sure, first image is about to select, second is after selection with mouse. about-to-select-Renee-Watson renee-watson-selected-by-mouse-result

Could you check if you have markdown links enabled in the settings? If you want links that are formated [[like this]], you should turn it off (as it appears in my screenshot).

Thanks! That works! Much appreciated. I checked and that doesn’t solve the other problem I reported.

Hey! I’ll assume that the doesn't is a typo and move it to the archive, let me know if that did NOT fix it

Sorry, does not fix the other issue, this issue, the present one, is fixed.

what is the other issue?

I would have sworn I filed one yesterday. Argh! My bad, I discovered how to do it correctly while trying to replicate my report. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for the quick responses so if you see another bug report from me, close as user error, or PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair).

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Found it and done!