P in the search bar not disappearing

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to resolve an issue where a persistent search query (‘P’) in the Obsidian app on my phone causes the app to crash. Every time I open the search bar, it automatically searches for all documents containing the letter ‘P’, leading to a crash due to the large size of my vault.

Things I have tried

I searched the help docs and forums for terms like “persistent search query”, “search bar crash”, and “clear search history”. I’ve attempted to restart the app and my phone, hoping to clear any temporary data causing this issue, but the problem persists. I haven’t found a specific solution addressing how to clear a stuck search query or prevent the app from crashing under these circumstances.

In a quick test on desktop (macOS) and mobile (iOS) Obsidian, turning off the core Search plugin (Settings > Core plugins → Search), and then turning it back on again cleared the previously saved search. You could give that a try.

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