Overwhelmed with error messages in new install, new user

Things I have tried

I am totally a greenhorn refugee from Microsoft, trying to switch to Obsidian. I installed it and the plugins I think I will need for a VERY wide range of subjects and topics. Now when I open Obsidian, I get 9 error messages, all of which I have no idea what they mean.
-Breadcrumb cache not installed yet ; templater folder must be set [where and how?]; failed to load plugin obsidian hotkeys for templater [don’t plan on setting any soon]; Failed to initialize alx folder - notes folder-note-core plugin not enabled [what the heck is “alx”?]; Your map of content couldn’t be created {and that is my main interest at this point]; Make sure your Central Note path ‘Central Note.md’ is correct. You can change this path in the Settings. [no such file on my system]. For a newbie, this is terrifying. I am in the process of beginning to make several thousand notes across about a dozen related subjects, and Obsidian is the only program that promises to deliver on this size and complexity. I need for this thing to work, preferably out of the box by point-and-click.

What I’m trying to do

That is not a “new installation” if you’ve installed a bunch of 3rd party plugins. If you are just starting out, I do not recommend installing any 3rd party community plugins.

Get used to Obsidian first, and slowly add plugins when needed. That’s the only thing I can recommend you right now. I suggest you uninstall all community plugins and turn “safe mode” back on.


Thank you. I’ll try that.
Also saw that the next release may be out soon. I’m looking forward to it.

If you keep getting errors after removing those plugins, please do follow up, and we can hopefully try and help figure out what’s going on.

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