Override the color of italics & bolds inside blockquotes

Hey guys, I’m creating my own theme (I’m a complete beginner) and cannot find a solution for the following:

I want the text inside blockquotes look the same in both reading and editing view - which is for it to be my custom color, overriding the color of bold and italics.

It looks correct in the editing view, but when I change to reading view, italics and bolds override the blockquote text color to their color.

More simply put - I want the text inside blockquotes (in theme-light) always be #3eb4bf.

I have looked everywhere and tried multiple things, but nothing worked…

Thanks in advance for all the help!


After some more reading, I figured it out!
I did it by adding this:

.markdown-reading-view blockquote {
–italic-color: #3eb4bf;
–bold-color: #3eb4bf;

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