Override or add latest data from inline fields to dataview

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to have one piece of information supersede another piece of information if it is more up to date.


For example, I want to be able to update my “Social Network” with information via discrete inputs of inline variables. So when a new update is provided for “Gary Schmary” or another person, the dataview table will create a single consolidated line with the latest information.

- e.g. if I create a card for Gary
	- [examplename:: Gary Schmary] || [examplebday:: 1950-02-29] || [exampleprofession:: senior butterfly catcher] || [exampleupdate:: 2024-03-03]
- Then I want to update his card with additional information
	- [examplename:: Gary Schmary] || [exampleemail:: [email protected]] || [exampleupdate:: 2024-03-04] || [exampleprofession:: CEO]
- [examplename:: Patrick Star] || [examplebday:: 1980-12-12] || [exampleupdate:: 2024-03-03] || [exampleprofession:: Lemonade stand clerk]
- [examplename:: Patrick Star] || [exampleprofession:: unemployed] || [exampleemail:: [email protected]] || [exampleupdate:: 2024-03-04] 
TABLE WITHOUT ID item.examplename AS "Name", item.examplebday AS "Bday", item.exampleprofession AS "Job", item.exampleemail AS "Email", item.exampleupdate AS "Updated"
WHERE examplename
FLATTEN file.lists as item 
WHERE item.examplename

What i currently get

What i want

Thanks in advance.

You’re welcome :smiley:

## What I currently get

TABLE WITHOUT ID item.name as Name,
  item.bday as Bday,
  item.profession as Job,
  item.email as Email,
  item.update as Updated
WHERE file = this.file
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE item.name
SORT item.name ASC, item.update ASC

## What I want

TABLE nonnull(rows.item.bday)[0] as Bday, 
  nonnull(rows.item.profession)[0] as Job,
  nonnull(rows.item.email)[0] as Email,
  nonnull(rows.item.update)[0] as Updated
WHERE file = this.file
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE item.name
SORT item.update DESC
GROUP BY item.name as Name

Gives this display:

That looks rather similar to what you wanted!

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Spot on! Thanks @holroy!

Just going to have a play in all my applications and see if there are any inconsistencies.

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