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I’m relatively new to Obsidian and looking to set my overall structure.

I’m think I’m journaling my day, taking notes from meetings, calls, reading articles and emails in obsidians daily note. I can already see benefits in this as I’m capturing idea and information.

Each entry or block as I tend to call them will be relevant to several topics, my work as an example is effectively hardware, software and people.

Each block as above is very likely to include multiples of certainly software and people so for arguments sake say “app a” “app b” and “person 1” “person 2” The links between these items is of particular interest.

I’m currently leaving notes on the detail page and looking to use searches to create virtual pages of relevant notes as I can’t see another way of doing it, the note above isn’t as simple as calling it app a or app b as it relevant to to both?

I’m wondering if I need a system that works more at the block level but would like to try and make obsidian work.

Any thoughts appreciated

I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to do, but have your tried the plugin Dataview?
Your yaml (meta data at top) could hold this information and you could automatically sort and search your notes.


Apps: [app a, app b]
People: [person a, person b]

table Apps, People from “Folder Name”
where Apps = “Whatever you want” and People = “Whatever else you want”

You can just make a table of all fields or narrow down or sort by a category. There are some built in like date created.

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