Over write a PDF/Word Doc/JPEG/PNG etc

What I’m trying to do

I use my iPad with Apple Pencil to write notes pitch side on referee performance for evaluation purposes. In a day I coach approx 36 referees (12 games 3 per game) and have a form that we use so we can compare and contrast at the end of the day. I’ve for the form as a Word Doc but can happily convert it to almost any format. Ideally I’d like to fill in the form on the iPad with the OCR working so my notes are effectively typed up and become searchable.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried as an image file but don’t seem to be able to over write

Any suggestions would be greatefully received


And exactly how is this related to Obsidian? I don’t think it does OCR in itself, or support pen/stylus for input?

Sorry, if I’ve totally misunderstood you request.

Sorry OCR is a bit of a stretch. Obsidian on an iPad already takes handwritten notes (with Apple Pencil) and converts it to text.

Ideally I’m looking to be able to write in box 3 and the text appear in box 3 and then do the same in box 21 and onwards at pretty much random

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