Output Md.Files as PDF with the PlugIn " Copy document as HTML ". Does not work on mobile devices


I use the PlugIn " Copy document as HTML ".
This works fine on the MAC and outputs a PDF document as expected.

Unfortunately, the PlugIn “” Copy document as HTML "does not support mobile devices.

My question:

Is there a PlugIn that works for the Mac AND the mobile devices ( iPhone, iPAD ),
Or is there at least another PlugIn that works at least on the mobile devices.

Many thanks for your response.

I don’t see anything about PDFs in Copy As HTML’s description. Do you mean another plugin?

Hi, thanks for your response.
I am really referring to the mentioned plugin " Copy document as HTML ". ( pls attachement )

Many thanks

There’s nothing in that screenshot which indicates that this plugin is used for producing PDF’s, so are you using another plugin to produce the PDF’s?

And does neither work on iPad/iPhone, or just one of them?

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