Output Bookmark Group command to auto generate hierarchical parallels of Bookmark Groups

Use case or problem

Bookmarks are extremely helpful for gathering links for files, notes, headings, blocks, etc. to structure a compact MOC. But, when you are ready to actualize an MOC or comp note from a Bookmark Group structure, it requires a lot of manual dragging and dropping of links as well as the creation and naming of headings/bullets to correspond to the Bookmark Groups.

Proposed solution

Via a drag and drop or a simple right click command, a Bookmark Output dialog would appear. Similar to the “Copy search results” command, you would be able to output text based on the links and group structure of a Bookmark Group. I could imagine there being some flexibility for whether to output embeds or links as well as what heading level should be the top. Perhaps there could be settings to output additional structure beyond H6 using hierarchical ordered lists. It would be nice to have an option to output the entire structure using an ordered list instead of headings.

Related feature requests

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Thanks! I am very excited about the potential for this feature!

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