Outlook calendar connection to daily notes

possibility to access to outlook calendar meetings schedule. When selecting the meeting in obsidian a new daily note is automatically created with incorporates the participant’s informations and meeting’s topic

Use case or problem

Creating meetings notes easily, with part of the data already compiled (participants, meeting agenda, etc)

Proposed solution

Connection with outlook apis

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround today. Just write daily notes with all the information needed copied from outlook

Related feature requests (optional)


Have you looked at full-calendar plugin. It can access an outlook calendar via its ics link. It is one way, read only in Obsidian,

Yes I am currently using it but as you said is only one direction outlook->obsidian and from the full calendar plugin I was not able to generate a daily note connected to the calendar event

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Yes, please. Much needed and would be much appreciated. The Full calendar is also NOT able to identify multiple things like a Recurring event for the same series.
Relevant to question I asked belo

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