Outliner Color Change & Using like Roam Research Block Reference

Hello there,

I need your information and help on two issues. Thank you from now.

1- How can I change the color of the lines in the bullet list and the sales points?

2- I want to use Obsidian like Roam research, but do we have to write it in the header format with # to reference the block? The program does not see any paragraph that is not in the heading style by making the “^” sign.

It ought to.
So maybe it’s how you are trying to do it.

There may be themes with the colors you want.

I couldn’t find a theme I wanted… I just wanted change color of line

Maybe worth searching the CSS snippets. I’m afraid I can’t help there because, it’s not something I do.

Re: point 1, detailed aspects of Obsidian are controlled via custom CSS snippets. You can write your own—you do need to know some CSS in order to change minutia, though. There’s no menu or GUI to change things like outline line colour. Search the forum for other users who’ve shared how they’ve done it, or on how to get started with CSS editing!

Re: point 2, see:


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