Outline view

I am used to work with longer markdown files. For that reason it is always good to have an overview of the documents’ structure.
A table of content is a neat feature to have for quickly navigate through a *.md file.

I made the following mockup as my proposal how this could look like in the UI.

It is the beloved collapsible “Outline” view I am used to have in VS Code and/or Typora.
And I would also :heart: to have this feature in Obsidian!

This view could be placed in the left/right sidemenu (I would prefer have it on the right).
So you could also hide it when you don’t need it.

In addition, the Outline view should also be usable in the “Slide” mode.
I did my first presentation for some colleagues in Obsidian a few days ago and they were very impressed. But I would be awesome to have a “TOC per slide” there.

:heart: you guys! Keep up the great work!


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