Outline view popup appears when cursor isn't over item

Under normal operation, I can hold down control while hovering over something in the outline view, and I get a popup. This is great.

But what I’m finding is that even when I move my mouse outside of Obsidian, say, into my code editor, and press control, the same popup appears.

It’s a bit complicated to explain…

In this picture, I’ve been typing in Obsidian on the left, then I move my cursor over into my editor on the right and I’m about to ctrl+click something.

But when I press control, a popup appears back in Obsidian, I guess the popup is over the heading in the outline view where the cursor was last in the Obsidian window.

This doesn’t happen every time, it’s hard to replicate, but happens roughly one in five times if I just keep repeating these steps:

  • Focus Obsidian
  • Move the cursor out of obsidian, over the outline view
  • Press control (no need to click)

It doesn’t seem to matter how quickly I move the mouse or press control. I can move the cursor from Obsidian to PyCharm, wait a second, then hit control and sometimes I get the popup.

By the way, love the new feature that highlights where I am in the outline view!

thank you

will be fixed in 1.5.5

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