Outline view in sidebar

Isn’t this even a default Typora feature, no CSS involved ?
It’s accessible with “Ctrl+Shift+1”, replacing the file panel (accessible with “Ctrl+Shift+2” or 3 depending on your choice of file tree vs file list).

I just love Typora so much

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You are absolutely right. I was thinking about the numbering of headers that requires a css. Anyway, I amended my comment as per your criticism.

I love Typora a lot too, I use it every day. What it does, it does well, but its features are limited compared with Obsidian. I want to get away from using 2 apps, so when Obs will offer ToC in a sidepane, and WYSIWYG later this year, I will transfer my Typora notes to Obs.


The same for me :slight_smile:

Today I had to do some serious outlining for a 30-page article my friends came up with. I did in Dynalist, works perfect. I now think that a Dynalist + Obsidian app or Obsidian + Dynalist plugin would be a killer app kicking the ass of Roam and others.


I’ll look at using Dynalist as well (my current outliner, OneNote, doesnt copy/paste very nicely, but it would be great to just have better outlining in my tool of choice - Obsidian.

One feature I really like from VSCode is the outliner. It allows me to quickly jump to any header in a markdown document. Is there any chance we can get a note outliner for Obsidian?


I think this can be merged with this topic Outline view in sidebar, can it?

I think building on this, what is needed is a way to quickly rearrange sections like typical outliners have. Microsoft Word can do this, RoamResearch does, of course, but also org-roam with plain text-based documents.


Yes it can. I did a search for “outliner” and I didn’t find anything. Thanks for pointing this out.

Added in v0.8.1 as a plugin.