Outline TOC but using indented outline rather than markdown?

What I’m trying to do

Right now, with quiet outline plugin or outliner plugin, I can create a markdown document and see the TOC/structure of it in the right hand side where the plugin lives.

BUT, if I create an outline that folds (not with markdown headers, but with bullets and sub-bullets), the outline is not tracked on the side. I could use OmniOutliner or some outlining software for this… but just making sure I didn’t miss an obvious way to do this in Obsidian. It seems even in LogSeq this isn’t possible; their “contents” window has a different function.

Things I have tried

Creating my outline in plan markdown with headers. It’s just not as efficient for me. I like to be able to tab and shift tab.

Quiet Outline and Outliner plugins do not seem to work this way.

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