Outline plugin navigates all open panes of the same note

If you open the same note in multiple panes, and click a heading in the Outline plugin, it navigates all the panes to that heading. This doesn’t make sense, because if you have the same note open in multiple panes, it’s because you’re working on different parts of it. The Outline plugin should only navigate the active pane, never multiple panes.

This was previously posted as a feature request, but I believe it’s more accurately classified as a bug.



I find (0.13.6) that if I open a separate outline (3 dots, open outline), then I can use them separately.

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Oh wow. Helpful workaround. I did not know that existed. Although, original suggestion still stands.

I see it as a better way of operating rather than a workaround. Much more flexible. But maybe that’s just me.

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Sometimes I’ll open same document in 2 panes so I can compare different parts and shuffle things around. If I use the outliner to navigate, it seems to affect the document, not the active pane. That means all open panes of the document sync to the same spot.

It would be really handy if the outliner affected only the active pane and kept the inactive pane(s) where you left them.

I can’t think of a workaround, I just scroll to navigate, but it’s tedious for longer documents.

I searched around but couldn’t find a similar request, sorry if I missed any.


Yes please. This might even be a bug report, rather than a feature request. I’m currently trying to edit a single (very long) note across multiple panes, and the Outline behavior is causing problems.

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I agree. This seems like a bug. It affects multiple panes, even when they are not linked. It should really only affect the currently-focused note.

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Thank you both for confirming!
I’ve move the request to Bug Reports.

As of 0.16. this issue also affects the same document when it’s open in two tabs.

will be fixed 0.16.2

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