Outline: highlight the section when scrolled using a mouse/trackpad

Use case or problem

It would be really nice to highlight the header am scrolled to in the Outline (TOC) dynamically as am scrolling through my notes. This should really help the user locate where he is in the note.

Proposed solution

This could be easily achieved using the The Intersection Observer API, and maybe some document structure changes.

If I’m understanding correctly, this happens already. See the gif here →

When the new public release comes out, let’s check again.

When scrolling with the mouse the cursors doesn’t move, which is why the effect doesn’t happen.

Got it.

I changed the title. I hope the new one is fine for you. It was previously: “Highlight the header am scrolled to in the Outline toc”

Sure, thanks.

There may be a plugin that enables this (maybe an optional feature of Quiet Outline, or maybe something else — or maybe I’m misremembering).

Thank you for the suggestion, but I believe we shouldn’t rely on 3rd party plugins for the simplest and most basic features. For security and code quality reasons, some things should come out of the box with Obsidian core plugins.