"Outgoing links" suggests links to bits of URLs -- can I fix this somehow?

I’ve searched for answers to this, but I’m not finding a good answer.

I’m having a problem with Obsidain suggesting a big list of “outgoing links” that I don’t think I would want to use.

Let me explain. First, I frequently add links to articles to my daily notes. A lot of links generated by sources include date information embedded in the link. For example:

[How the Supply Chain Crisis Unfolded - The New York Times](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/12/05/business/economy/supply-chain.html)

Notice how the date is embedded in the URL including the year 2021. This is pretty common.

So, within Obsidian, my daily notes are named with what I suppose is a pretty common format: 2021-12-06 in my case. When I look at “outgoing links” I see a list like in the image below – which goes on with hundreds of suggestions because, I think, all my daily notes begin with 2021 and the NYTimes link has 2021 embedded in it.

I don’t really need for Obsidian to suggest links based on text inside a URL – is there a way to configure Obsidian not to suggest these links. Or maybe I am not using Obsidian the way it is supposed to be used.

Thanks – and If I missed the answer somewhere, apologies in advance.

there is a generic feature request about suggestions and URL.

However, I still don’t understand why you are getting suggestions in your specific case. I can’t reproduce what you are seeing. Does this happen in the help vault?

Sorry, I don’t know what the question means? Is there a section or note in the help vault that I should look at to test something?

Also, I thought it might be a community plugin that’s causing these suggested links, so I turned on Safe Mode (thus turning off all community plugins), but that doesn’t fix it.

Also also, if I turn this “outgoing links” setting off then the problem goes away – but I don’t think that’s actually a solution, it just hides the weird suggestions.

Open the help vault and try to make the bug happen there. Because I can’t replicate what you are describing.

Thanks. Was not able to reproduce in Help vault. I created a completely new vault and copied over all my .md files to it, and the problem occurs in my new vault.

Thanks for trying to help. You can go ahead and close this topic. I don’t think I’m using Obsidian correctly, unfortunately.

Are you by any chance using aliases incorrectly?

Again, I don’t know what that means. What is “incorrectly”?

If you found what is causing this, please post it here.

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