Outgoing links panel: Unlinked mentions can't be clicked through

Steps to reproduce

Open the “outgoing links” panel for any page that has outgoing unlinked mentions. Click on any of the unlinked mentions.

Expected result

As with the backlinks panel, there should be an option to click on the unlinked mention in order to open the corresponding page.

Actual result

The only clickable option is to turn the unlinked mention into a link.


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.9

Additional information

In the backlinks panel, under unlinked mentions, note titles are included and can be clicked on. Whereas in the outgoing links panel, under unlinked mentions, note titles are not included.


Moved to feature requests

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This was changed from a bug report to a feature request by a moderator. Granted, it isn’t technically a bug, so I’m sorry for mischaracterizing it initially. That being said, my guess is that the functionality I’m describing wouldn’t really constitute a new feature per se, but would would simply be completing the implementation of outgoing unlinked mentions functionality. Am I misunderstanding?

(The original discussion of this topic can be found under the original feature request that I made. That discussion has now been closed, since the feature was implemented.)

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I have just started working with unlinked mentions, and I would love a click-through or open in new pane feature as well.

I am working on long form (novel) writing, and my unlinked mentions panel automatically shows me references back to my series wiki, character sketches, research articles, etc. I don’t want to actually link to these things, because I would then have to remove the links when I move toward publication. But it would be brilliant if I could click an icon or right-click an unlinked mention and jump to or open the reference.

It would also be great if the unlinked mentions panel would scroll in synchronization with the editor window so that I can see the links to the text that is on the screen, instead of the first links in the document.