Outgoing links not working?

The outgoing links that was mentioned here and released in 0.12.4 doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Steps to reproduce

Create a note - Note 1.

Then create another note - Note 2 in the same vault. Mention “Note 1” in the current Note 2. When I open the side bar pane and see the backlinks section, I don’t see “Note 1” under outgoing links or unlinked mentions.

Expected result

“Note 1” should appear in the Backlinks side panel of Note 2 under “outgoing links/unmentioned links” or something like that.

Actual result

“Note 1” doesn’t show up


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Additional information

I have enabled the “Outgoing Links” plugin.

works for me. Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

Okay see screen shot below:

Notice that I have created both Note 1 and Note 2 in the same folder and same vault. Now I mention “Note 1” in Note 2. Note 1 should have been picked upon in the backlinks section as an outgoing link. It does not show up.

Of course, if I go to Note 1, I would see it under unlinked mentions. But that is not the point. I thought the whole point of outgoing links was that you can remain in your current note and if you write something that is identical to another note heading, it is identified under the “outgoing/unlinked” mentions in backlinks pane.

I must be doing something wrong if you can get it on your end. Sorry about that. Please help.

This isn’t the help vault and you aren’t using the outgoing pane.

So sorry about that. I will do future post in Help vault. But could you please tell me how do I see the outgoing pane? I have activated the core plugin. And I thought it resided somewhere in the backlinks pane. I don’t see any other options on the right side bar other than tags, backlinks, outline, and graph.

Never mind I finally figured it out. So sorry again!

I don’t see it either. Maybe there’s a problem with the theme you are using or some other third party plugin. That is why I was suggesting to try in the help vault first.

You can also try disabling themes and third-party plugins in the vault you are currently using.

Apparently it came up as a horizontal bottom pane upon clicking the “Outgoing links” in the three vertical dotted lines on the note. I will post my issue in the Help vault to see if someone can help me figure out how to see this on the right side bar.

That in outgoing link pane linked to the note you opened. You should see an outgoing pane in the sidebar area too.

Yeah I know. I don’t see it. I will post on Help.

try disabling themes and thirdparty plugins.

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This response seems to me NOT to be a sustainable approach to the future of Obsidian. But, who am I to make this comment. Just a happy user offering an opinion after using the product for over a year. This response was manageable in early development, but with the incredible success of the app and the explosion of ‘outside’ development of Themes and plugins, this response is indicative of the very issue that is ‘plaguing’ Obsidian and the Forum. In my opinion, too many adverse situations are occurring due to the lack of oversight regarding this feature model. Yes, Themes and plugins can greatly expand the usefulness of the app, but IMHO allowing every and all ‘extras’ NOT in some way curated by the Devs is a recipe for disaster. Believe me, I like ‘candy’ just as much as the next guy. But some of the candy is just not good for the system and to me therein lies a growing problem. Obsidian and the Forum are being adversely affected and it’s only going to get worse. Just my opinion! Don’t shoot the messenger. I could be wrong…:wink: